Our Story

Our mission is simple and clear

JH hopes to help our customers to know more about Huaqiang North Market (the largest electronic market in Asia)
JH hopes to show our customers the new, popular and top-sell electronics products at the first time

Our Story
The company was started by Ms Matt Teng ( a graduatre from Yangtze University in Hubei Provice, Repulic of China )

In 2006, I moved to Shenzhen afrer graduation , and worked as an international sales specializing in IC chips, module sensors and cable power supply .
Our daily job was to check requests, reply E-mails, confirm payments, follow shipments, It was a very fulfilling time .
I worked, learned and gained more experience in this industry .
In 2008,I started cooperation with Mr.Octavio Nogueira (from Brazil, a very nice friend) .
In 2010, Mr.Octavio entrusted me to work as his agent in Shenzhen, taking charge of all his requests, purchases, orders, products and shipments .
At first, I was so worried that I can't do the job well, Mr.Octavio encouraged me and tought me about the UNO R3 boards, shipping documents, packing details .
In return for his kindness,for each shipment, I checked with lots of suppliers at the market to get his target products .
Since I'm local, It was easy for me to get much better price from the suppliers, factories and shipping forwarders here .
But I insisted on around 15% commission (depend on the QTY) foy my salary, Mr.Octavio always say:I am very satisfied with your work, Matt, thank you .
To be honest, I was more grateful for his trust and support .
In 2015, Mr.Octavio encouraged me to have my own company, because I already had enough knowledge and experiencesand I also believed there must be many customers all over the world who are looking for a reliable one-stop business parter in Shenzhen (That was the seed of JH Electronics Sourcing) .
In 2020, after five- years of hard work, we have 50+ team members, 300+ square meters Warehouse in Huaqiang North Market500+ square meters Packing House near the Baoan airport in Shenzhen, 300+ square meters Sales Office in Chengdu city ( the Southwest of China) .
We always focuse our customers‘ request , and look forwards to growing together with our customers and win-win cooperation .